Submerged in failures,I lie
Succumbed in worldly pleasures, I die
I lost my way
Got led astray.
Walking with closed eyes
Numbed by the time that flies
Got blown in the gust
There's no one I can trust.
Can't stop, the path's too steep
The one which leads me downhill.
Tearing my way through the wind
Cutting myself with shackles which bind
Trying to swim opposite to the tide
Somehow, yet not able to fill the gap wide
The gap between who i was and what I've become
Can't even reason out the betrayal
In this betrayal of Me to Myself
Made myself vulnerable as a tiny little Elf
Can't find my way back
Can't get to my safe shack
I can't come out
No reason to cry or shout.
Submerged in failures, I'll lie
Succumbed in worldly pleasures, I'll Die...

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