I am striving in this gloomy world,

A world of despair and pain,

Lugubrious are the circumstances,

& all my efforts are going in vain.

Smiles seem to mock at me,

And tears make fun of me,

Compliments are all seeming to be sarcastic,

& changes in life are sudden and drastic.

I am brooking, I am enduring,

I am fighting, I am crying,

Staring at my brethren with hope,

But no one cares to take me out of this havoc.

Contemplating, finding, searching, thinking,

Asking a question to entire mankind,

Is victory and success are bigger than one’s life?

Is it so difficult for a loser to survive?

Now for me it is difficult to lose and cry,

Instead it is much easy to die,

I can’t afford to lose the battle any more,

I am evading the fight therefore.

I am leaving the world, leaving the race,

I know nobody cares; no tear will be there on any face,

But I have a request; think over it if you have time,

Loser is also a human, his heart also beats in same rhyme.

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