I kept away from the shores
of this sea which I would visit
every now and then.
Here on those lazy afternoons
I would come
and dig my fingers
deep into the sand.
One moment there would be a handful
and the next I would be left with nothingness.
Sometimes I would just lie down
and watch the endless horizon,
just quiet without a word.
A feeling so serene
that even the sweetest melody
of a nightingale
would fail to express.
Sometimes I would stand,
just on the wet sand.
Exactly where the water
would meet the land
and the water so heavenly
would wash my feet
and the red sun would set,
inside the ocean deep.
Wrapped in the colors of red and yellow,
the shore shall set sleep
and I would return again the next day
washing away all my grief.
Then there would be sand castles someday.
Little jimmy from school
would build them all day.
Though he was known as the notorious lad,
someone had to visit the beach
to see what jewels he had.
I would smile at him once in a while
and he should shed a tear
every time he bid a sand castle goodbye.
Someday I would spot a hawk ace by
without noticing the beauty it left behind.
I would talk to the sun
and the golden sand for hours
and sometimes take a dip
into the saline water
instead of a shower.
Salt, sweet , bitter or sour
I would love the sea shore.
But one day there the blue afternoon sky
turned dark and then it roared with a spark.
I saw jimmy's royal castle by by side,
but it was already too late then,
I had to run,
I had to hide.
The storm went on for days
and thick drops of water
covered the window panes.
Locked up in my room,
I would keep staring through the window
now and then.
Weeks, days, months, years...
And I was back there once again,
on the shores, the sand the sun and no rain.
But there was no Jimmy too,
only his royal castle lay broken,
all his sweat in vain.
I too dropped some water there that day.
They were no sweat
but waters of pain.
Yes, I was there at the shores again.

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