You came in my life
Just as I completed
Sweet 18 years
You being on my mind
I saw three months fly
Like white feathers in summer sky.

Keeping our friendship at stake
On very eve of friendship’s day
Let you know bout feelings I have for you
Though I knew it would hurt, you had to know
That you weren’t just a friend anymore
But someone special in my heart’s core.

And I had done the damage
Since then crying every night
Waiting for a text, waiting for a call
Wanting things back normal
Hoping for a miracle that wouldn't happen at all
Neither you missed me, nor I had the guts to say “I miss you” .

Didn't let my friends know
Was living with a broken heart
Mended with a plastered fake smile
But couldn't hide things for long
It was them who made me realise
Shouldn’t be crying for someone who never was mine.

How wrong was I to think you could be mine
Hoped you did understand
Falling for you wasn't my choice
Wish love never really existed
Cuz my heart still throbbed for you
Still cried to hear your voice.

Saw hours turning to days
Felt days slipping into weeks
Last weekend last week you called
While August raining heavily
I thank you for talking again
For remembering me, even after one long month.

Cuz I had started to feel
You never ever existed
That your voice was just my imagination
And you – another painful void in my life
Had started to doubt my own sanity
But now sure, I had loved someone in real.

Someone who came in my life
Just as I completed
Sweet 18 years
But things didn't end
As once they had begun
Beautiful and serene.

My once white feathers
Now squiffy in tears and September rains
Cuz things can never be same again
But they're still happily flowing in drains
For I know this at heart
At least I got back the friend I had staked.

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