It showered today here in Delhi and now a cool wind is blowing, making me a little dizzy with contentment. Certain sweet memories are resurfacing and reawakening in my conscience- those that had somewhere been forgotten under the huge workload and the everyday rat race.

Recently I came to realize that not all 'friends' hold your best interest. Some of them are just there for the good times and some of them are there with a mask. Even teachers can't be expected to be just and all that 'noble' that their profession is claimed to be. They too sometimes are involved in politics at a very dirty level.
And often i find myself thinking about all the negative people and negative events that have happened so far.

But today is different. Today i feel the sky smiling to me and the air too is mystic. And I am remembering all the good times that I have had with absolute strangers. Strangers who were kind enough to touch my life and for ever are etched in my memory due to their generosity and charm.

Almost five years ago I had gone to my village with my father and we had stayed for two days at my foofaji's place (father’s sister's husband). His village is in the interior hills of gadhwal (Uttaranchal). I had made friends with the locals who lived there and especially the little children. Hema, Sukhdev and a few others whose names I cannot recall. I remember spending some golden moments with them. Especially the last night was beautiful and its memory enriches my soul! The sky was a deep shade of blue adorned with a bright white/cream coloured moon. We were sitting outside on the terrace of the house right below our own level. (In the hills they construct houses in a step cut sort of structure. So your roof is someone else's front lawn) I felt a strange kind of peace at that moment ... an unexplained happiness.

Another time I had gone holidaying in Shimla with my parents and we had a dinner meeting with my father's friend, Mr Bisht. He was so kind to walk us around the beautiful Mall Road and tell us about the architectural marvels on the stretch. We dined at Ashiyana restaurant and he gifted my mother and me both separate stoles. Since my father's work is Delhi based, it’s not possible for him to catch up with his friend often but that evening and the gentleman have a special place in my heart. Shimla is beautiful. Shimla is enchanting. It is as if a painter created it on a happy night under the influence of wine.

This night today makes me smile to myself. :)
Good night everyone. Live a little more before it all comes to an end.

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