Take a step,

Same will help you move forward,

Thousands of them will be there to pull you back

But it will be you who’ll decide your next step.

Look back and you will find that those who are resisting are the ones who already did this mistake..

Take a step,

You know what you left behind,

But it’ll still be a mystery what you left behind if you decide not to move forward.

If you move forward, either you land up in mud or maybe in fine comforts of grass.. Whatever it is , rest assured that it will be a new experience..

Take a step,

If you are afraid then you might need to work harder because if you are confident with your work, you will never be afraid to take a next step..

Life is too small to walk over everything,

Put everything in what you are doing now so that you will be confident to take a next step,

Create something for others because when you die, people forget your memories but they will not forget your inventions which they are using in their daily lives

And my favorite, you can share your moments with few but you can share your innovations with everyone..

Do something to give a reason to this world to remember you fondly forever…

If you can’t do it here then you can’t do it anywhere else also.

Tags: Motivation

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