I read a poem during my childhood which is still imprinted in my mind. It says that those who travel miles in dry desert knows the real value of water. Those who have been starving from ages, knows the real value of food. This is nature's rule, those who don't have knows the value, and those who have it, take it from granted.

When I look around, I feel that I am blessed by God. Each and every day I thank him for his greatness. God forbid, I may lose some limb, get paralysed or may even lose my family, anything can happen. Misfortune never knocks on your door, anything can happen to you or your family. Then what? Once we lose it, we will realise the importance, which is quite normal for everyone out there.

When I was having conversation with my friend who lost his father when he was pretty young I realised the importance of having family. He started with the sentence, 'You're lucky to have father'. I was shocked and I asked why did he said so he replied, 'You know that your father is there to financially support you and thus you are somehow relaxed. He has taken care of all your financial needs since you were a child'.

His words struck me and I realised how true is he. He lost his father and his has to manage his entire financial need. Not only that, he added 'I miss that father-son conversation. When I see my uncles talking to their sons, I wish I could have shared the similar conversation with my father.'

We are so much used to taking things for granted that we fail to keep an account of it. Everyday we misbehave, we shout or even we don't care about various things but what we forget that someone out there is living without it. There is a child who doesn't have a family, a child who lost his father/mother/sister/brother, a child who is struggling on his own to survive, someone is working hard to earn a meal, someone is standing out of a restaurant just to taste what you eat, someone is there who is missing happiness, someone is trying to have a bike, someone is working double shift so that he can give his kid a self-owned flat, someone is working hard to that his child can move around in bike. There are so many people struggling for so many things in life in the entire world. But we are those lucky person who have them and still don't understand the value of it. Start respecting things and people in your life. Everyone is not as luck as you are.

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