Excitement in her eyes as she boards the massive ship,
she waves goodbye to her family while leaving for her trip.
a smile on her face while holding her mother's hand.
They gaze over the deck, taking one last look at land.
"We're going to America" she Whispers to her bear.
As excited as she was, these trips to her wore rare.

While sitting in a room, among the lowest class.
she's frightened by a shake, and startled by a crash.
shortly after the rumble, there's a loud sound of panic.
The mother starts regretting, ever boarding the Titanic.
Screams and rushing waters are all the people hear.
They struggle to escape, while running in great fear.
It wasn't long until the water covered the boat,
making the people liars, when they said "it would always float".
"The Unsinkable Ship" wasn't really true;
After now it sits under the cold, deep, blue.

Searching through the waters are life boats and lights.
The men are sad to find no survivors in their sights.
A light finds an object that caught the men in stare.
They look onto a raft to find a teddy bear.

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