The moment when you feel humble and hold your dignity at the same time. You realise that this is not your ego but you no longer need to plead miserably to someone to stay in your life. You have a bigger purpose in your life and you find happiness in the happiness that you bring to others by your work. Mind is at peace and is empty. There is no expectations attached with work or with any person. You have drawn a line and set rules for yourself and for your interaction with others. And these rules are flexible as long as your values allows for it. You have your long term goals and short term goals set and clear and you devote an hour each day to gain more clarity for your goals. You are not too strict for yourself and not too loose at the same time. You consciously control yourself when there is a need. And you consciously and closely examine the mistakes that you make which comes in light when you are faced with an unexpected outcome and you don't punish yourself either for small mistakes you make, you just note down the lessons and move on. There is nothing in this world to dwell upon, you know that your stay here is not eternal. And hence you live to the maximum in each moment and you feel each moment pass as you are living the present moment and not stuck in past or dreaming about future. And that moment you realise that you are living a good life.

Tags: Philosophy, Self

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