Come here guys,
Let me tell you a story,
There was once a girl,
Lil bit humble and lil bit cocky,
Looks of a supermodel,
Wit of a politician.

How do i tell her?
She got my heart racing at the first look.
Is it love or is it pure lust?
Gosh let me catch my breath first!
What should i do guys?,
Do i ask for her number or do i let her go?
Do i tell her she's captivated my mind?

Too many feelings,
Too less words,
How do i say she's better than all other hoes?
She's a mystery,
I wish we could have some chemistry,
Girl, let me go down and create some history.

Too hot to handle,
Your touch giving me blisters.
Let me hug you ,let me kiss you,
Let me care for you!
I wish we could huddle together through every blizzard,
I wish i could carress and cuddle with you.

Alright dude,
Hold your horses,
She sounds way out of your league!
Come back to reality..

Maybe yes, maybe no,
I really don't know.
I guess beggars can't be choosers.

Tags: Love, Lust, Crush, Love