After cycling and wiping my sweat under the hot, scorching sun at 3 in the evening when I see your face, it makes my day. You sit so close to me. If the world would have been an empty place and there would be no one around. I would just keep looking at you. Your eyes. The way you tuck your hair behind your ears.Back to the real world, I stare a few glances towards her. Her sweet face does it all for me.
I keep taking down notes while my eyes still tend to look at her.
I look at her beautiful hands, those are as innocent as her. I start daydreaming. How I wish to hold her hand, how I wish to play with her fingers. It's been so long that I have been longing to hold her hand. But how much more have I to wait?
My heart skips a beat.
Even the hot summer wind, and the sweat goes off to some unknown place. I realize that it was worth getting up leaving my sleep and cycling up the hill in that hot weather, after all I was sitting so close to her.
Suddenly our eyes meet, she smiles and looks away. I didn't even realize that a smile had struck my lips.
When it's time to leave, I still look at her, I tell my heart to wait for another day to see the beautiful, innocent face again.
As she turns to leave, the sweat and the heat reappears and I am back to reality.

Tags: Love, Beauty, Dreams

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