In the huge dark sky, that little moon shines
Every word they say, our thought just rhymes
Whether bisexual or gay, seems irrelevant to me
Aren’t they just human beings?
Who need to be seen?

We’re flesh blood and bones, they say
Sexual orientation doesn’t make you less great
In this misleading world, it’s wrongly shown
That’s not really how, they want to be known

It feels so real, but they’re told it’s fake
They question their life, they question their make
The truth is within, people choose not to perceive
Many think its evil or a devilish trait.

People think normal, they think they’re being fair
The love of two souls fighting violence in despair
Follow the norms, we’re taught since birth
Listen to the priest speaking at the church

And now it’s a fashion-bisexual affair
The pretense is high, no one seems to care.
God may be yours but so is he mine
And because I have faith, I will let him decide

It’s not always right, for which the majority has signed
Gods preached Humanity, but ignoring it is fine
We blame it on God while we sermonize divine
We rather not forget His marvellous miracle, he made,
In the huge dark sky, that little moon shine

-Dedicated to an old Girl Friend.

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