" Some kind of festival was going on in college ..... i was wandering from here and there .... everything was going fine and then out of nowhere i realized that i dont have my pants on. I was wearing a towel on my waist.

Felt a little awkward, i mean come on ..who might have taken my clothes without even realizing me. I started looking for them here and there. I don't know why but i threw a frisbee far far away of some kids playing there. Lot of people were starring at me. I didn't mind people starring at me, I was wondering why the other people were not starring. Well I went through passageway to corridor that headed to some lab. I turned left towards bathroom, it was not a bathroom but some kind of clothes cupboard. I tried searching for my clothes in them and i found them. I changed and went outside.

Suddenly my eyes caught a site of her. There she was such a beautiful creation of god. (ohh god .... is the first thought that come to my mind )

She came running at me and said (almost loudly)..'where have u been...I was searching for u whole day...common we have to stay at the store..'(I had no idea what store she was talking about)

i just said 'sorry, i was searching for my clothes..'
Some guard standing besides us heard me and said 'ohh...so they were your clothes...better keep watch on them next time'

(what the hell. You don't keep watch on your own clothes, you just don't remove them)
It was just then i realized that that guy was around
7'2 ft (OMG!!!..:-P)

Anyways she dragged me to some store infront of lawn. We went running there and reached. She sat on the desk. I was tired like if i was working all day. I leaned forward a little on the desk as we do when we are tired. She also leaned towards me and made a head contact in appreciation.

It was suddenly then, I looked into her eyes for a moment, I next thing i know was our lips were on each other. We were kissing.
I still can't take those soft lips and that amazing feeling out of my head. If god had asked me what do you want at that moment, I would have said just don't let this moment pass away. Let us be like this forever.

I just wanted to be with her forever. I didn't wanted anything more from her. Point is it was not about the kiss, is was about she being with me.

Well after that some friend came to store, and we suddenly stopped . He noticed us, but didn't show any reaction, just acted casually. He asked her about some event and they went on talking about it.... (i was not interested)

I left the store. Suddenly I stopped walking as i realised that she is commited to someone. I got confused more, I mean what was all this about then. Will she leave him for me, or it meant nothing for her or did I just do something terrible. I kept thinking for long long time....but it were those moments that i can't forget"

It was then, my eyes opened, I was starring at the ceiling fan above lying on the bed.

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