Sitting alone on the terrace here
the stars above my head
I grab a bottle of beer
still a single tear not shed

There's a dearth of friends
they say I'm weird
No one to grab my hand when i'm tense
I just sit alone scratching my beard

Not a single girl to be with me
have I ever found
for whom I'd go on my knee
strange does it sound?

I used to look for a job
they rejected me every time
referring to me as a snob
From when has being quiet been a crime?

They say I joke, I play
I'm fun to be around
I know how to make my way
Then why do they everytime throw me on the ground?

They say Life's a Bitch
I don't really agree
why to blame life coz of your own glitch?
Life's binding me but, I wanna be free!

Mom told me not to lose hope
good things come to those who wait
all this is difficult to cope
wait? for a perfect mate?

I wished to have a happy life
a perfect job, a big house
2 naughty kids and a wonderful wife
I got nothing, neither the kids nor the spouse

But hey, I'm still not alone
not till the time she's near
The one and the only one
My dearest beer!

Tags: LIFE

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