love is a funny thing, a thing of mystery..
It's not screeching loud, neither fiery red, nor vulgarly blatant..
That's Lust..his sister..
Love is beautiful in a different kind of way;
While lust claims your mind, Love takes on a more subtle tactic.
It tiptoes into the farthest corner of your heart and waits there,
Cross legged, sitting as if in meditation ,but there..
You wont notice it for long, Lust doesn't stand divided attention.
But love...Love is patient.
It walks real quiet..
But when lust moves on to another object after she is bored,
Love gently taps your shoulder and smiles..
If you smile back, it promises to stay and never leave you,
No matter where you go, Love follows..
Across the seas, through the mountains and valleys, breaking the shackles of time..
Love is enduring and resilient, gentle and kind.
And happens to the best of even most calculating lot of us,
That's love..there and forever.

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