We were recently given an interesting assignment by our Introduction to Literature instructor. Our teacher had asked us to find poetry in song lyrics of any language. I mostly listen to Hindi songs, and that is where I looked. I realized that while listening to a song, we often overlook half of the effort that goes into making that song - the lyrics.

The lyrics can have the most beautiful forms of expression - and they'll give you that 'waah!' moment. I'll share my discoveries with you, and I'm pretty sure you've never wondered about these before..

Remember 'Genda Phool' from Delhi 6? Ever wondered why the 'sasuraal' is compared to this flower? Genda, or marigold, is a compound flower - a flower with many petals. And yet it looks beautiful. The writer has been trying to convey, that there are so many people in the household, and with them come so many irritating habits, and yet it is beautiful :)

There's a song called 'Raat Humaari' from Parineeta. Towards the end of the song, the writer says, 'Aankhon se kaajal ban behta andheraa aaj.' The darkness, is being compared to the Kaajal. A wow metaphor!

This recent example is from the song 'Phir Se Udd Chala' from the movie Rockstar. Until today, I used to think, the song is all happy and peppy and inspiring. However, today I noticed, in the end, the narrator says, 'Rang birange vehemon mein uddta phiroon.' While 'rang birange' seems to be giving a positive tone, 'vehemon' seems to be giving a negative meaning. So is the song really inspiring, or bleak? Haven't thought about it before, have you?

There are several more, and I'll share with you more examples as I come across them. You, too, are welcome to share your epiphanies :)

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