I saw the movie 'Mending Fences' in 2012. The film deals with a social community problem and its democratic resolution. It is based on a true story of US country side.

A casino owner/developer, in collusion with city Mayor, is out to grab land of farmers to build a casino. Many people leave the town in fear except an elderly widow who continues to live on with her daughter and grand-daughter. They have the support of two men from the same community. The law stipulates a unanimous resolution in the village council whenever there is any large-scale sale of community land. But no one knew the law. A delve into the revenue records shows the correct position in law. This is brought to the notice of the farmers in the council meeting and the resolution to transfer land to the casino developer is defeated. The casino developer leaves the meeting and the project is dropped.

I like the film on the whole. It has a solid and good story line. There are none of those typical fighting-scenes that I would have witnessed had it been a Bollywood production. No songs, no dances, no outlandish boastful dialogues, no hired killers. The lead characters are not portrayed as super heroes with larger than life images. No melodrama to build sympathy-image.

The film sends a clear message: Correct knowledge of law together with the coming together of the people of a community is all that is required in a democracy to protect rights of good citizens. The film exemplifies strength of democracy when set to motion.

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