this happened somewhere in time past..I thought, I needed to watch that movie that day/night surely..there was no-one around that day, everybody was busy around something or the I had all the time in the world and just started to get into what I call "the personal mode"..its fun! I stepped out..had the jacket on as it was a lil nippy outside..all cool..walked swiftly as I was running late for the 9 pm a rick and did bear with the traffic and well, the autowala's off and searched for the mmmmm restroom in the mall.....:p but then thought get the tickets and reach the one inside the was 9 already..decided to ditch the escalators for the elevator and hurried when.....bumped across a sometime office acquaintance..well, I was happy to meet him, but really not interested in any small-talk which was on the cards..but it would be rude so spent a royal length of maybe 2-3 minutes with him before finally telling mate, its a 9 pm show!! then ran to the elevator..and got off on the 3 floor....was surprised so much crowd on a weekday for a 9 pm show..someone told the kiosk was not working so the line was longer..stood in the line for 10-15 mins. it had started to get hot inside of the mall and my cool jacket started to make me sweat.....its an AC inside the audi and much cooler i told myself..don't worry, few more minutes! and it was already 9:20 when I reached the counter..never mind i thought, first 10 mins are for all the ads and trailers..without further ado, let me tell u when I searched my walett's card holder, I realized I had forgotten any card of value at my home. for the first time in my life I guess and recalled how I had got drenched in the rains earlier in the day and had just left the card in the pocket (dnt bother teh details). believe me, accuse me of any dis-organized lifestyle but I am not someone to make wallet related mistakes like my wallet has been with me for 7 years now and nothing stolen ever..
what else, I thanked I had some cash to take a drive back and headed straight to the men's room - remember I had a full bladder as wellall this while....:(. so..

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