Women of Ancient India enjoyed equal rights as men. Surprised ? In fact, they married at a mature age and got to choose the men that they like. They were educated. During the Vedic Period they enjoyed equal status and rights .In a short three words we can say that ' They were Happy'. But later on they started to face confinement and restrictions.
Not something to be surprised of...
Now, the Medieval period started and women were even more confined and restricted ! They didn't play any important role in the society or we can say THEY COULDN'T ! Many unforgivable practices began like Sati, Child marriage , Jauhar etc . Jumping into a fire pit when her husband dies , getting married to a very old person at a very very young age and a big ban on Widow remarriage . The condition of Women grew worse !
After the miserable medieval period comes the British Rule . It gave a little bit of hope to the women ; The first free school for girls began ,many of the girls rose and educated and trained the girls of South India, the practice of Sati was abolished and the Widow remarriage Act was passed. And many people fought for the equal rights of Women which was supported by the famous parties of that time .
Independence ! At last , THE INDEPENDENT INDIA !
What is the position of the Women right now ? They are educated properly , they take part in sports , they take part in politics, they take part in the media ! They came out from the four walls of their kitchen and into the light !
BUT I ASK AGAIN , ARE THEY SAFE ? I feel the situations are getting worse and worse. Female infanticide is still being practiced in parts of India ! Women are being raped and molested ! After the incident that took place recently ( Delhi case ) I was surprised that this such things just increased ? Or was it just being noticed and all this time it was left unnoticed ? What a shame ? Women are educated , Women live in a developing country and still they are scared to roam in the streets freely ! They are scared to use the public transportation ! They are scared to even show their faces into the light ! Can we really say that we have got independence ? Women are not safe even inside their own houses ! Not safe inside their own homeland and we are all a part of a family .Where else can she go if she is not safe in her own place ? People blame about her dressing style or with whom she had gone out with. Let me ask you , Shouldn't we get the right to be Independent ? I may be a sixteen-year-old girl but I know that what my country needs is to keep 'her' daughters safe ! I might be a sixteen-year-old girl but I know that this can only happen if the brothers of the family supports her. Doesn't mind what she wears and just wants her to be safe...To be free like a bird ! To go out and follow her dreams . If women aren't protected , in many areas we will have to see men who would stay single for the rest of their lives ! This can effect the whole nation ! This can effect the whole population ! I might just be a sixteen-year-old girl but I know that if we just have a mind to accept things , accept new things which has never been accepted ...WE SHALL BE SUCCESSFUL and WE CAN SAY THAT WE ARE INDEPENDENT ! WE CAN SAY THAT WE ARE ONE FAMILY !
I'm looking forward to be literally happy ! This happens only when my sisters are happy...CHEERS ! ( I collected information about the history of India from another website. I was surprised to read it )

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