Every day is not the same. We do not put on our best efforts to make it a success every day but neither do we feel hopeless to take the tiny steps towards a grand success every day. If a day has vivid shades from reddish mornings to dark nights, one’s life has thousands of such days to live through. Then how can we expect life to go smooth at a single pace without the ups of feeling accomplished or the downs of feeling NO ONE at times?

Just a random thought which struck my mind while writing this article, “Successful people have the patience to handle their bad days than the ones who step back in the middle or perhaps from the nearest milestones of achieving their goals because a bad day scared them.”

A bad day can be a devil mind wasting time or an intellect mind seeing its efforts going in vain. A bad day can be the inability to take right decision or the desire to see your loved ones unfulfilled. We all have our own definitions of categorizing our life. Still, we all have the same end feeling – a detached day.

At any cost, we do not have an option to step out of this game of life but we have the option to play it safe always. We have the option to find out our day saviors. An hour spent with music/reading, an hour spent with loved ones, an hour spent in solitude – you have to determine what soothes you the best.

So next time your mind says it is tired, be wise to accept the low times because next morning will be a stronger one.

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