“Behold my mighty kingdom!” bellowed Remorse,
perched atop a lofty throne;
Disgust, mistrust, their loyalties endorsed,
All Cheered in attendance, as he droned!

And there set smiling remorse’s mother,
A certain woman called sadness.
As she looked over her children, still many other-
Dejection, depression, annoyance, and apprehension;

And thus Remorse raved on about his victory,
Set aloft the throne of heart.
No sign of love, not that of jubilee,
Nor stood an opponent, he couldn't thwart!

The court of heart was decked in glumness,
Nothing cheery or too bright;
And while resentment cajoled loneliness,
Happiness laid deathly quiet!

Thus the valley lay in futility,
Until love came charging down!
He rode a horse of pure white tranquillity,
Optimism, his golden crown!

And with him rode the valiant passion and compassion,
They slew where ever they went,
Estrangement, disappointment, alienation and annoyance,
All these met their bloody end.

But Love brought several more of allies,
Who flanked him and formed an army.
Joy and Friendship wearing Trust’s disguise,
Lay to waste, their arch enemy!

And as Love charged on, Remorse abscond,
For he was sorely a coward!
Pleasure and serenity thus safely ensconced,
The land of heart now blossomed and flowered!

But this time around Love stayed and celebrated.
For the unknown fears they had braved.
He invited in delight, he pulled in pride,
For the Kingdom of dreams had been saved!

And so, the girl with demons remembered,
How to smile and her melodious laughter;
Love had come home and all was conquered,
And she lived happily ever after!

Tags: Emotions

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