We live in a world where physical appearance is the criteria by which people judge how as a human being you are. We live in a world where your level of fairness is directly proportional to the number of ‘rishtaas’ you’ll get. We live in a world where advertisers bank on the idea of how physically ‘beautiful’ you are. We live in a world of stereotypes, where a fat guy is perceived as dumb and a thin guy sipping a certain cola is shown as smart and clever. We live in a fake world! Where physical beauty is given prior importance and people don’t look beyond your ‘looks’.

Recently, when actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan became a mother, and gained a lot of weight, most of which was baby fat, people’s perception and outlook towards her changed, they criticized her for not being able to shed those extra kilos and made fun and jokes on her. They criticized the lady who they themselves crowned as Miss World and enjoyed her movies and never missed a chance to praise how beautiful she ‘was’. No, she wasn’t, she still is. Why? How? She’s back in town, having lost those extra kilos. I myself was amazed at her recent appearance at the Cannes film festival, she looked ravishing and absolutely stunning. Extra weight or no extra weight, I had always admired her beauty. This post isn’t about Aishwarya Rai, but is only a fine (and recent) example of how our perceptions change about a person depending on their appearance.

You don’t agree?
Okay, let me ask you a question, if there are two guys standing together, one black and one white (yes, literally), who would you find attractive? The white guy? No? Even I would (unless he’s Will Smith!) it’s human nature, we’re not born racists, that’s what the society does to us.

There’s a reason why fairness cream ads come up, (these days for men as well!), there’s a reason why weight loss ointments and pills find so many buyers. Yes, I agree health issues are the main reason and should be, but most people (who look considerably fine) go for them. Why? To please the society?
Why is it that a girl with a great body is perceived as a slut and only good for one night? Why is it that a healthy girl is perceived as homely and dumb? Why doesn’t she get attention while the hot slim girl has the entire college/office after her? Why is it that a dark complexioned girl doesn’t get marriage offers while a fair girl’s matrimonial account is full of requests? Fairness is now a major concern for guys as well, I recently watched a TV commercial with some fair actor selling a fairness cream. BUT WHY?

Why is it that a person looking ‘socially acceptable’ is termed as beauty while a person not fulfilling the society’s hollow conditions is termed as a beast?

Why do we need to change according to other people? Why do we need to get dressed/act/live according to others? It’s my life and I am the only person to decide for it not the other 10,000 people, who after giving their false opinions would disappear. It is true that the only thing people are going to see in you is how you LOOK, nobody falls in love with your personality. and sadly, nothing can be done about it.

I am not too fair, I am not too slim, I am not too well behaved, and I’m NOT a Beast.

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