I dumped you today, I dunno what’s the big deal,
Its not like I cut your dick and fed it to a eel,
But you are making it look like I stabbed into your soul,
So here’s the poem back at you, you stupid asshole!!

Manipulative and mean , a bitch you made me sound,
But I only said yes coz you chased me like a hound..
You followed me to my class, to my tuitions , my home too
The only place you gave me peace was the frickin ladies Loo!!

And then you startled me, asking me out at the mall,
You already looked sad, I didn’t wanna make you feel small;
My friends warned me, didn’t want my heart to break,
They must have already known , I was feeding a snake!!

Trips to the beach, the park and other places,
Was just for you to smirk at other people’s faces;
Look at me boys, I scored a hot chick,
I am not just a show off, but also a Big Prick!!

You didn’t date me coz i read a lot of books,
You just wanted a girl with real good looks...
I am a writer, poet and I set up the literary fest,
You would have seen it all, if you had stopped staring at my breast!!

You wore a pink T shirt once, which made you look real gay,
It was that stupid time of the year, called Valentines Day..
I asked for a teddy Bear, just so I could see,
That how big a pudaang you can be!!

I knew you weren’t well off, blowing money on dates,
After all, you aint the son of Bill gates!
I didn’t need your gifts, like that ring with a pearl,
Beneath it all, I am just a simple girl.

I have a new Boyfriend now, his name is Sam,
Atleast he loves me for who I really am;
So I tell this to you, inspite of my Writers Block,
Start using your head dude, and stop thinking with your cock!!

This one took a bit of effort coz I had to think like a girl..:P For those first timers who are wondering what all this is about, it, check out my immensely popular and Booker nominated (by me) poem- Te break up poem- Bitch

Tags: Humor

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