It is the attitude what matters.. :)
The Brighter Side Of My Life

Okay so here is a list of things that I felt that I could do that most people out there can only dream of doing!
1) I can hop way faster than any of you can. We could race and see if you’d like?
2) I have to cut only 5 toe nails. I’m extremely lazy so this is like an achievement.
3) I could be offered a role in a movie as a zombie or a pirate which I can play very realistically.
4) I can say things like “Pass me my leg” or “Dude, Where’s my leg?” or “Give me back my leg or else!”
5) I can wear one sock for a month because…well my foot doesn’t stink.
6) I can play football (FIFA 13), basketball (real life), badminton, probably even better than you
7) Wherever I go all eyes are on me. I get all the possible attention in this world. I’m so awesome.
8) I can bear any kind of pain because I’ve gone past the worst.
9) If I ever get a girl who says she loves me I can be sure it’s true.
10) I have the best possible family in this world because if it were not for them I probably wouldn’t be happy enough to write something like this.
11) I have the best possible friends in the world who I know really care for me and will always be there for me.
12) And last but not the least I’ve learnt the hard way that life will never be fair to you and now every other problem seems petty. All you have to do is kick life in the groin and make it be fair to you. Nothing is Impossible…Impossible is nothing…Adidas is going to sue me.
Anyway the whole point is to be a glass half full kind of a person and then everyday will seem like a piece of yummy tasty paneer tikka because I love paneer. Just believe that you are better than anybody no matter what they tell you or talk about you. Live life make it Large…I should stop using brand catch phrases.
That’s all for today people. Time to go and do some constructive work (That’s something I wish I didn’t have to do). Adios!

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