This poem in memory of my beloved mother. Love you mother, so much, like always.

Once the teacher asked kids,
To write their favorite wish on paper
One little girl wanted a room full of chocolates
Where she could live and eat all day all night
And a fasto desired if he could bring
Two lunch boxes instead of one
Another girl wrote for long blonde hair
Which would shine golden like sun
A shy cute tot wished he could
Sit everyday with the girl next row
One kid with thick lenses on eyes
Wanted his fighting parents to be silent
So that he could study the entire day.

At last submitted the calm back seat child
His white sheet with his most wanted wish.
And when the teacher asked why you want
Wings like angel on you, afraid he said
“I am sorry Ma’am, but do you see
At night the brightest star in the sky?
I will put my wings on and fly
Into the sky to it because daddy says
Son, that shining star is your mother.”

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