We write about different things and for different reasons. some want to have fame, some want to share knowledge, and some want to deliver the things they can not speak directly. the people like me write to explore. For my mind starts working the moment my finger begin dancing on the keyboard keys. I never write with a preparation or with having a certain idea in my mind. I explore more of myself as I begin to write. and my thoughts jump from one thing to another within a gap of five seconds. and here I come with the actual writing then:
the silence on the road
the birds flying over the sky
the tree leaves swinging
the sun becoming reddish orange
as I walk by the road side
I walk into my thoughts
the imaginations
and sometimes the realities
I am unaware of the surroundings; except the nature, but today the disrupted beauty of nature captured my attention...I saw a broken wall. Before this, I had never witnessed an earthquake destruction. That brought me out of my world and
I was forced to look into the world where others exist. For a moment, they all seem to me like a walking robots, and the mini ones! Oh yes, we are the world's intelligent machines created by the Lord and we are supposed to execute the instructions given to us in order to work "properly". For, a program's life is in hands of the developer and similarly we hold no power against Almighty, and we can not resist His rage. But yes, we are the seekers of His mercy. But do we really deserve even that ?
I don't think so, because there are majority like me who are lost in their own doings so much that they have forgotten even their own identity. Let us no be lost in the lust of this world that we might forget our Creator and our purpose!

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