Imagine a life 500 years back. People had a lot of time at their disposal. They would have been utterly bored had it not been to the mundane issues of fetching water and woods for the cooking and drinking. But they became busier with time. In the last 50 years specially, when the basic necessitites were met easily they irnically became busier with time. Everyone says "I dont have the time dude"
I think a similar thing is happeining over the internet. 15 years back, there were just Google and Yahoo and a handful of other properties. But now, we have 20-30 popular destinations and zillions of niche ones. And we are already saying, "dude I dont have time for that site today".

So where would the solutions come from in this case. Any guesses? From the internet itself. yes.

Presenting, the tools for increasing your productivity at internet surfing:

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