You'll never be free. Not for a second of your life you will feel independent. You never know what are the traits and taste of another person and i'll tell you why. All of your existence, it is crawling around the cage. This cage costs within another cage, more, and than in the third cage, further, and so on. Escaping from a single cage, you just find yourself in another. At first you think you have no place on this planet. You pull yourself into the space to uncharted galaxies. Do you want to dissect space into nothing to observe the formation of new planets and planetary systems, ride the comet and look into the black hole. You understand that you cannot touch the bars of the largest known "human cage".

Then you think that you limited to the country in which you live, with its political and social systems and it seems that that sort of strange things would be different. There..and the grass is greener and the sun shines brighter when you see those good people and there is another cage.

Then you begin to suspect that it was not the country but the city. Just a poor industrial town where there is nothing to do and nowhere to go, and the people next door are just walking aids for deviant behavior. Then there is a smaller cage-Your area. Which is the part of the city or other locality in which you live, you learn, you work, procuring food and clothing, you pay bills and live. Affiliation, it is also a cell and your own family is also a cell as well. You can feel it. You know it. But you know what's the saddest thing? Even if you touch the bars of the cage. The one who is not bound by family, colleagues, classmates, neighbours or co-workers; unhampered by any social and moral framework ... you still will not be free. Your very narrow cage, from which you'll never get out is your own body. Your whole life is the satisfaction of your own needs. You will always want to eat, sleep, go to the toilet, you will experience sexual attraction, you'll want warmth, affection, hugs, communication, self-assertion, entertainment, work, motion and rest, relaxation and intense intellectual work. You'll always be a sensible piece of meat who is allotted to life in a dull moment that follows his biological needs and yes, the craving for beauty, knowledge and other "spiritual needs" which are also biological because all these desires arise in our minds. Mind which is a huge bunch of nerve tissue, a piece of human flesh. Your desire to learn how to create beautiful pictures - it's biology. Your desire to write a novel, from which people will choke in tears - it's biology. Your ability to feel, to dream, to dream and to create - it's all pure biology. You just never fully investigate for the lack of knowledge of outputting a separate category of "spiritual stuff" But all this is indeed, pure biology. Surprisingly complex, incomprehensible, but biology. And it is because of the fact that we all - reasonable chunks of meat, we will never be free, not truly.

Free maybe just the spirit. Not in the religious sense of the word, and in philosophy. Without solid, without any form, without intelligence. Free bunch of clean energy, that's the only thing that can be free. It is free from the needs of conventions, time and place. There are no illusions and hopes that you are on someone else's land or planet and that you are feeling the cool breezes. You'll never see the starless sky in your eyes. You're limited, you can not understand the reality in which you are. You can destroy the cage but how could you broke them because that will always be your home. "Your body"

We are all slaves but we have different cages.

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