A tree. What a topic! I thought and thought about this topic and what to deliver to my readers about this particularly well known topic. And, after thinking for four consecutive days, I found myself sitting in my balcony yet again, and staring at them trees, trying to ask them ,“Any questions?”. Still I found no answers . I wished they had a voice; then I realized, they needed a voice. So, now parting ways with my laziness, I present to you everything you knew about trees, but from the view of the different eye.

First and foremost, give a break to your auto-tuned subconscious which when asked about a tree, shows the image of a big round trunk with lots of branches and even more leaves. Lets twist the basics a little bit. Think the tree as a man. Why shouldn’t you? It breathes and is a living thing. But normally, this tiny detail slips out of our mind and in that comfortable moment, we take trees for granted. Well it’s not. We too have responsibilities towards them. And we must realize it; after all, we owe them oxygen.
Actually, trees are nothing but the victims of human greed. We take and sell every bit of food and wood we can from these mute creatures. Even the leaves are brought to use somewhere or the other. So this is how the natural oxygen generator is out for sale. Taking everything green from these selfless creatures and filling our pockets with the green wad of notes, if that’s “being human”, I prefer “being tree”. The trees never ceased to amuse me, I find them spiritual beings, without greed and desire; at peace. They give what they live for. They even don’t discriminate like ourselves. For them, it is one and all. Never once did i heard of a tree who hid its fruit , when it saw the woodcutter, approaching with an axe. Their nature is that of saints, silent and selfless. But are they treated like saints? Or slaves??
The least we could do, is respect their life. Article 21 of our constitution states that every individual has a ‘right to life’. Yet, no article in any nation ever granted the trees their ‘Right to LIFE’. I strongly believe it’s because trees can’t ask, rather beg for their rights. And when they don’t ask, why should we give? (intended sarcasm). The question here should be ‘why should trees give us everything they give??’, and its nature’s irony that trees actually give everything. But do we deserve it?? Ask yourselves.

A wise man once told “ Only when the last tree has died, the last river been poisoned and the last fish being caught, we will realize, ‘we cannot eat money’”. The words are a deep reflection of wisdom. We will never ever see this little truth that ‘TREES ARE OUR LIFE’. The banners of “SAVE TREES” should be rewritten as “SAVE YOURSELVES”. We must know that the world we live in is full of symmetry and what we give comes back at us , sooner or later.

So, my call on trees won’t bother you with the ‘plant a tree’ sermon ; as you net-educates have either done that or will never do it. But please, at least respect trees. And when you look at a tree next time, do look at the life in it. And when you do that, try to relate, to connect with the nature. And thus, let the nature be at one with you.



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