We grow up in an environment full of loving and caring people.

People who will never ever leave you alone. Yes they are!  They are no one but our family i.e Mom Dad Elder Sister and a  younger brother.

And then comes the day when we start to learn i.e learn to read, learn to write, learn to talk and learn to walk.

We join our school and start our school life from the day when we cry alot not to go away from mummy just because kids are more attached to their mothers at an early age.

Slowly and slowly we learn to adapt changes with our lives and we start to grow up with our second family that is our friends.

We eat together...we study together...we enjoy together...we laugh together and we cry together...we are ultimately a family..we share a special bond called "friendship".

So as  time passes by we have made a number of memories to be kept with us.

And suddenly after 12-13 years of schooling we all have to get apart for our futher studies and adapt with a new environment. And this is called "THE CHANGE" 

The change that occurs in every phase of our lives...sometimes it my be a small one....and sometimes it is a huge one and there is more to come.....................

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