if i upload a new profile picture on fb i'll get 100 likes but if i post there anything about my work, the new startup for which i am working so hard to promote i'll get 0 likes...nobody even reads it unless it is too dramatically written, which is not possible every time.

NOOO, i am not going to start with comparisons between wb and fb..every idea is unique with its own story of origin, and fb is no doubt one of the most social invention so far in history, just how the people use it makes the difference ...there is one thing i can seriously say that the people here on wb are of a class,

a class that is not so common, a class that believes in expressing themselves through words and not impressing others by showing their photos in poses with celebs, new bike or whatever.

a class that is not here with a mission of inboxing girls with crap messages but writing up posts to respect woman.

a class that shows its respect for someone by writing a 'tribute' and love by becoming a shayar and not showing off respect or love by attention seeking status.

a class that seriously writes about social issues and then share other than just share.

a class that judge people by their thoughts and not by their cool dude attitude.

a class where we can identify others by their writing style without knowing their name.

a class where every opinion is unbiased and every thought comes straight from heart free from the fear of gossip girls.

a class where i feel i belong to..i feel so glad that i am a part of it and yes, i am a true writer babu.

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