The sky is moving away,
The lush greens awaiting my fall;
My hands and legs wrought,
Falling prey to heart and mind's brawl!

The eyes close, the air to take away the breath,
Everything perplexes, an ode to devastated life;
The death to be happy with my arrival,
A cadaver to be feasted on, any minute!

Few hours back, the decision to be really crucial,
No hymns to cease, No thoughts to wander off to;
The situations revolving, scavenging on 'no-burial',
The mind wondering the tiffs, to be permanent!!

Going silent on prophecy, rendering poor,
Time not holding my ties, the soul ready to depart;
I move to the cliff, My last earthly position,
I'm moved by the surging hope, on, The Cliff of Hope!

I see the world, most accustomed to routines,
the chores that keep them, unfathomed lives!
I shake the leg and fear, the hope still calls me alive!
Tears roll down, off being nothing but 'hope' to live!

Reminding myself of the long walk on the lane,
to learn imposters to have surrounded,
Sovereign in their efforts, uncared;
My legs trembling, magic of 'The Cliff of Hope'!

But evident, I cannot land back in a dreaded place,
While I successfully carried all blame on my back,
I cannot hold-on to the weight,
A 'non-existing' god's grace!

I stoop low for my unused life, grieving are my emotions,
The heart beating fast, the scavenging to be done,
I see the sun glowing as bright as ever,
The hope flares on being alive, decision is 'never!'

I spread my arms, take a step back to take the final jump,
The tip of the cliff still refuses to allow me;
I bend forward, body still,
I fall!!

The eyes closed, falling off 'The Cliff of Hope',
If only I could have got the blurring of the vision,
The hope gives up, the soul departs;
The body falls, and the story ends in dead silence!

Tags: Emotions

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