What is the color of love,black white or grey.
no colors...love fill colors in life,It is adventure,excitement
It is transparent with pure feeling and whatever color
you feel in love it is of that color.Love is understanding the color of
each other's soul..love is like water colorless but yet we recognize it and
feel its aroma.love is truth and its color is honesty and trust.love floats in eyes
flows in blood and runs in breath.Love is beautiful, demanding , adventurous,,,it
has its depth.It makes one laugh and at times painful too.love is desire, want, a thirst
a wish when fulfilled its heavenly.love is expression of feelings which are continuous
sometimes intense enough to make it possessive.It is mutual attraction,bonding faith
and forever.Love is caring and sharing ....Love is dream, it is passionate
Love is music .it is dance..it has rhythm it has lyrics.Love is demanding,Love hurts
it is able to bring tears,Love makes a person insane,brain is being overpowered by it.
Oh the love ...Can I salute or can I bask or have I ever been in love the true love
where the hearts and souls merge and single color of blood flows deep down to reach salvation the MOKSHA....

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