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The Congress Party - Resurrection and Revival

The Congress Party which has a grand old tradition behind it is bruised in the Assembly polls held recently in the four States of MP, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan and Delhi.

It finished on top in Mizoram.

The reason why Congress got defeated is different in each State but mostly its lack of a cohesive unity in the Party. In States like MP and Chattisgarh Cong faced rebel candidates and 'structured' independents from among its own ranks who tore at the vote bank of its own party. What these rebels don't understand is they'll never come to power if they carry on this policy of eating away their own votes.

This can clearly be seen all across both BJP and non BJP ruled States which were once Cong ruled States. This also includes States like Gujarat, Bihar and UP where the Opposition has now entrenched itself firmly because of infighting to start with, and weak organization now.

It's leaders are good no doubt but the Opposition they face in the BJP is wicked to say the least. The PM in waiting they(the Opposition) have appointed is a man from the grassroots and he has a coarse uncouth uncut quality attached to him which has to be matched in ways different from normal. After all the leader they have appointed is hardly a gentleman...and obviously his educational upbringing is suspect.

The kind of crass language the gestures and vocabulary which this man uses is difficult for a sober party like Congress to keep pace with. On the other hand it suits the BJP which is a party with absolutely no moral ethics or character. Their present leader fits in perfectly with the kind of image they already have. They have acquired a buffoon much like Raj Narian was - in the times of Late Indira Gandhi, except that this time the buffoon is much more smarter than the earlier one....he's a thinking buffoon and 'hungry'......hungry for power.....

So what should the Congress do? I feel they should have a two pronged attack launched on BJP and the Opposition. One set should be lead by sober leaders like Sonia and Rahul Gandhi who should do their constructive politics leaving modi to be dealt with others.

The other attack group should be by lead by equally uncouth people to match the 'skills' of the Opposition leaders especially BJP. They should match them word by word gesture by gesture in open defiance - that's the only way they can take on this 'so called aggressiveness' of the Opposition. The buffoon can only be tamed by another equally 'aggressive' buffoon....this is no ordinary buffoon....

One thing needs to be said here about the AAP....while its good and nice that they have won so many seats and provided a nice alternative - yet their candidates don't have the necessary experience or any training to conduct themselves in 'responsible' positions - thus there's a grave danger of the whole system going haywire...that's not to say that these people can't learn - they certainly will but 'trappings of power' could easily 'sway' their agenda leaving them vulnerable to open end corruption in high places - they have to guard against that. They should also stay away from vanity.

The Congress can learn from their ideologies of connecting with the common man but for that their leaders have to shed their flashy cars and red lights and make efforts to really make a connect with the people - mere symbolism won't work.

The Congress has to make attempts to stay in tune with the common people - don't do anything stupid to raise the 'hackles' of the people any further. Try and control prices and give good governance all over including Delhi as they still have a chance here under L.G. rule.

The Congress has an able leadership which can easily take the bull by the horns - just don't do stupid things now and keep the people and the media happy - with which there should be more of interaction.

The top Congress leadership of the Congress including the Gandhis' should interact with the media at least once or twice a month....and attend media conclaves - there's no harm in that....the media also goes by perception and hype.....while some may be motivated to take sides by and large they will see reason and project the Congress party - I'm sure of that. The media can also see the tremendous work Congress party has done for the all round development of the common people, the various schemes brought out....they may call it sops but then all beneficial steps are sops and 'perks' - the same way salaries include 'perks'.....yet they are all a package aren't they?

The leadership should also promote interaction with the common people...don't sit in ivory towers.I strongly believe that Congress is a party which will not fall prey to 'false and malicious' propaganda - it should rise to the occasion and carefully project its image - first thing is to start development work on a war footing - keep the various sections of society in good humor - that's the mantra - work hard and project well....keep your media representation high and put in people who can deliver - not necessarily by their 'anglicized diction' but by their presence of mind....sometimes the simplest of persons can say a lot for you....of course different media houses need different kinds of representation depending on the 'nature of questions' the party is likely to face.

Congress is a great grand old party and it will bounce back - no worries.

Forget the hype around the Opposition new found hopes....just let them be for the time being....they'll sink on their own.....God has a great way of leveling out the biggest of crooks.

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