She loves attention, but still complains of somebody's extra friendly overtures.

She dresses scantily, but cries hoarse when someone makes a pass at her.

She claims youth is vanity, but is secretly pleased when someone says she looks still young.

She hates someone ogling at her grown daughter, but someone whistling at herself makes her feel youthful again!

She claims she'd age gracefully, yet she'd dye at sight of a single white strand.

She invites friends over, but grumbles about the loads of cooking!

She promises to keep that vulnerable one's secret, but soon passes it to others with no qualms.

She smiles at unwanted folk trooping into her home, but seethes with anger from within.

She talks gently to others' kids, but screams at her own.

She admonishes her hubby for eying that girl, while she attends to every male with 'sisterly' concern.

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