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The Burning Of cosmos

Crash! Bump! Shoo! Roared the Nusadian Ships when they killed our earth Our moon was burning out by the immense energy of plasma war heads. It was around 29TH century when we discovered a new planetary system at the distance of 22 light years by accident while we were experimenting the first quantum war head a nuclear missile which was capable of traveling a 100 million kilometers and it just crashed upon a nusadian ship. We thought it was some type of asteroid but we found that it was a ship when we set for our first space expedition 5 years later, a black engine was found terminated and incinerated by the heat of the warhead. My great great great great great grandfather thought we discovered something new but at that time no one knew we were the one who were discovered by the great lords of the norkrocks planetary system a set of 13 planets which revolved around the a star which was 105 times bigger than our sun. Their planets almost big as Jupiter a clan at least 1000 years developed from us. They took it as a war signal when our warhead destroyed their ships, we requested a lot but they attacked us first 80 ships landed on the Pacific Ocean igniting a electromagnetic pulse. Then they attacked all the main cities of America our world united we knew we can’t defeat their ships-doubled Winged mechanical monsters destroying our kind. These ships could travel light-years without even getting their engine disturbed. They were big as a island and held weapons powerful beyond our imagination. Burning rocket torn the continents apart. Now we had no choice we planned a rescue mission in my g5th grandfather’s leader ship a big nuclear ship 20 km wide was assembled by thousands of engineers and scientist all the humans left including the survived animals were taken away from earth. But it was not a kind of blessing for us Nusadians attacked us but we somehow survived. It was planned that earth was no longer a home it was like a hell screaming for help and peace, so to destroy the army of nusadians trying to inhabit on earth the last one dozen of quantum warheads were launched to the target earth we cried a lot and screamed when we saw our home scattering its boulders a land in space shining like a star with endless ocean of lava with some shouting resonance that only our heart could hear. We thought we escaped but the great ship of enemy was left with destroyed body it launched all its possible offenses on us but we were faster than it, we flew away in the shadow of the moon which was destroyed by the plasma weapons they fired it saved us……..

Tags: Mission, Fantasy

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