The Cosmos Wizards

Chapter- 2

The Escape

But it was destroyed. We flew in first ever space ship developed by us that can travel deep into the cosmos, it was really very adventurous for all of us to travel but we didn’t celebrate we have lost our home. “Attention people of Thea the first ever advanced space shuttle it is a mournful moment for us but we need to survive, to preserve the human kind, to show those aliens that we are not the ants they think we are. Our systems have detected a planet that is around 250000 km away from us we are going there don’t lose hope.” The captain called out. We traveled and traveled but there was no destination to reach that planet. We were around 100000 km away from the planet when a alarm shouted through the ship, it meant our engine core was disturbed by something. It could be the end of our life to lose our life line “How is the engine core” my grandfather said to the main engineering department. “It is alright sir there is only a little radiation leakage so I manually dropped the ship, we get over it in some time” Mr. Socowhich said. After the entire engine was repaired but only after our take off a great but tidy looking ship appeared it was armed, a strange gas shoot out of the enlightened part of the ship. This ship was around 5 times smaller than the ship we were in when a voice of great shrill came out we were not able to understand but the aliens got out of their ship in very developed suits and showed us the path to their planet. A interpreter got out of the ship and translated that those aliens were from hunskrock planet and got the news that our planet was destroyed, so they were sympathetic to us want to give us habitat. We followed the ship until it reached a green planet we started to move and enter the planet’s atmosphere it was bright and fresh the only thing we could see on the surface was huts thousands or millions but they were different, the gravity was low and the trees kind of structures were big and tall measuring up to 2000 feets tall and 1200 feet wide what a scene it was……

Tags: Fantasy

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