"A pound of flesh", Shylock asks
"the merchant doesn't pay !"
Says merchant "I would have paid the complete sum if
a day you would have stayed"

A slimy sly Jew one of few
found in the big wide city
his beautiful black braided daughter
dreamy desired and pretty

Standing in court the butt of joke he wants
to make the merchant
hordes of people supporters stand
along stands best friend Bertrand

A pound of flesh would kill as he would bleed and
die of blood's dearth
a good man would be lost, a lover, a friend
from earth

Stubborn Jew stands firm to tear sinew from his chest
"the merchant unable to pay my debt", defends screams doing his best.

The courtroom drama, melodrama of love, mag-amorous heroic ball,
go and buy a Shakespeare's book- 'a merchant of Venice' we call.

Tags: Poem, Love, Drama

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