Smile and the world will smile with you…yes the smiles at the cost of hidden emotions.None of us are happy to see other person happy, the reason being the life’s complexities. We are entangled so much in our own world of problems that we have forgotten to smile with real happiness imbibed in it. Smile and laugh from heart & soul and see how beautiful the world is. Be a part of other person’s success and get the positivism in our own work. We should spread happiness in sad hearts and bring them to smile .we should refrain ourselves from gloomy and sad environment or depression to move ahead in life. Share the sadness of the people around and be a pillar of strength to help them come out of that situation. Every person has sad and happy moments in his or her life; it’s the reaction of oneself to respond to the situation in both the conditions. Be positive and full of energy and lively and you will conquer the hearts. Do not crib all the time and find joy in everything you do with a smile…..Start smiling and remove your worries and problems.

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