A little girl one day decided to paint
To paint something abstract; no shape
To let brush dance on sheet with no restriction
Let colors sense the rhythm her thoughts make

So she took the palette of colors out
Dip brush in blue and was about to add some water
The blue drop was holding the last strand of brush
Getting its strength together and not to shatter

But slowly it succumbed to the will of girl
And started its voyage to paint a thought
“Tip”!! The sound came; color drop fell in water
Mingled with it; won the heart; how nicely it fought

Now it was more powerful and in proper shade
Neither too much glossy nor too much fade
The drop then kissed the canvas, leaving its mark
Then girl thought to make the shade little dark

She then mixes brown, green and black; hits few strokes
The colors are running on the sheet; mixing and playing
The thoughts of the little girl taking shape;
On canvass the green grass was laying

Two blue together formed the sky
Big and calm; carrying grace and charm
Then there are few shades of brown and green
Forming lands and meadows; what a beautiful scene

Then few shades of white together dance and form a horse
Riding on white clouds; heading to the endless zone
And then few more colors took the shape of little girl
Sitting near the flowing river; dreaming & playing with hair’s curl

The colors danced all over the canvas and then froze
The little girl was staring at the painting; slowly she rose
Along her clapped the vibes, air, trees and flowers
Then she added few drops of grey to bring showers

Together all colors danced and made the painting
Little girl was looking at her painted self; her beautiful smile
She then added few drops of orange to blossom a bud
And hence there was a beautiful painting of “the dancing colors”

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