Tonight is the last night of my deep slumber. I will wake up tomorrow and achieve everything. I will not sleep again ever.

What put me to it is not known?

I remember fighting all life's battles alone. I learned from defeats and adapted to the environment at will. But that fighter spirit was gone one day. I got tired of the daily battles and defeats and injuries and the shame. I needed shelter and rest. So I went to sleep. And since then I have been sleeping. But, tomorrow I will wake up.

I am dead inside. That's what years of sleeping can do to you. I feel dead every moment. My gut twists in the horror of what is to come? What I seek lies far away. I have no idea how to get there. A lot of hurdles are in my way. But this time, it is going to be Epic. I will not rest until I achieve everything.

I will work hard. I will leave no stones unturned. I will be ruthless and self-centred. Because this is for me and this is my last chance. I will not quit. I will win. I will not rest. I will move. I will not seek shelter until the day I succeed.

I know, my body is against me. It has fallen for the comforts of life. It does not wish the freshness of morning anymore. It has lain in dark for ages now.

My mind is also not free from this disease. Rather it was the mind that first lured me into the slumber. It fooled me for all these years into believing that I am living my life to the full. Whereas, I was sleeping the whole time, living in my dreams.

But a tiny consciousness of my mind still seeks freedom from this continuum sleep and wants to kill it.

I will reclaim my body. It will resist, but sooner or later it will realise that I am on the right path. Once I have the support of my body, I can get rid of this disease completely from the mind too. I can live again. I will live to see that day.

And on that day, I will be unburdened of the weight on my heart that I am carrying for decades. And My heart will beat again.

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