We were playing
Some friends n' I
With the cool wind passing by.

There was a sweet smell in the air
The calm breeze, playing with our hair.
That steady gaze on the ball
The goal post, six feet tall.

Amazed how far we had come
And life seemed just awesome.
Exams were over, results probably ready
Yet the gaze was clear and steady.

I had to hit the ball
I had to score a goal.
'Cause if i don't, we'd lose.

But it didn't matter
I could win another time
May be score a goal or two
When the wind is right and the time is fine.

Small joys of life
Cycling with friends
Watching pretty girls passing by
No tension at all.

Returning from school
Not wanting to go back
Yet reaching thirty minutes earlier next day
To get some time more to play.

Looking blankly across the class
Just to get a glimpse of the school diva
Fantasizing with friends
About the life when we grow up.

Thinking it would be great to grow
No one can scold, can't beat, slap
The life would be mine and only mine
Living it the way i want.

And then suddenly the dream broke
Woke up in the morning
Checked the calender
And realised it was
The day i woke up to be an 18 year old.
And the life was never the same.

I wish I could sleep more
I had dreamt more
But alas!
I woke up to be an 18 year old......

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