It was 5 o'clock in the morning and Neel's alarm Clock had started ringing.
It seems that the noise was just making him get iritated ,
But he wanted to sleep more because last night he was awake till 2 am, but then suddenly he remember that he has got a flight to catch on 7 am and if he didn't reach airport by 6 am then he have to miss his flight.

Whatever in a rush he woke up and took a quick shower, and like any other in a rush guy he had his breakfast n said goodbye to his family it was an emotional moment for neel as well but there is a job which was waiting for neel in Delhi, which he needs to accomplish his goals.
More then job there was someone who was waiting for him from long time, it was non other than pooja, his love his life the girl of his dreams.
The girl he ever wanted to be with and spend his life till the end.

It was the first time in 3 years of their relationship when he was going to meet her
in reality
, its the first time when he was gonna hug her and feel her touch.
There was a different kind of happiness in neel's heart which was just hard to explain.
With thousands of thoughts about pooja in his heart, he finally reached airport.
There he took his boarding pass and he was now waiting for the security check call then all of a sudden pooja called him.
She was happy and bit curious as well because she cares about neel alot and neel was aware of it .

She asked neel if he had his breakfast or not and she asked about other journey related things, but then neel thought to give pooja a well surprise and he told her that his flight had got canceled because of bad weather,
This just made pooja bit upset as she already made alot plans there in delhi for neel, but more than those plans there was a thing which was making her more upset then it was neel's absence for a another day in her life.
But however she controlled herself asked neel to take care of himself and let her know if things get fix.

And then the time came neel reached through security check, took his luggage and then he made his way to the runway where his flight was waiting to take passengers.
While going up through the stairs of flight he looked back and it seems he was bit sad because he was going far away from his city but had a joy as well because he was going to meet pooja and shock her.
Whatever with thousands of thoughts he enter inside and found his seat, he was just happy and it could be seen in his face.

And then the time came when the plane started made its way to take off, neel was just looking at his city through the window and was promising himself that someday he will return to his city ofcourse with pooja.

Well whatever from in delhi pooja was very worried because neel's phone was coming switched off because he was in flight but she was unaware of it.
Actually as I said earlier neel wanted to give pooja a surprise so he said pooja that his flight got canceled.
There was thousand of good and bad thoughts was running in her mind as she was very worried,
She skipped her breakfast and was trying to call neel after every 10 mins.

Anyways finally after 3 hours the plane has landed to Delhi IGI airport and neel was just cannot wait anymore to go to pooja's house and give her a shocking surprise.
After a bit waiting he got his luggage and then he took a cab.
It was like he was not able to stay patient anymore, he was just asking the driver to drive fast.
But however aftr a hour of journey he reached on the location where pooja use to live and then he started searching her apartment by asking the peoples who lives there and finally he got her building, he went upstairs and then he called pooja

She pickedup the call and she was just crying and in a low voice she asked neel that where he was, she was trying to call him call him since morning.

Neel was silent but
then he asked her to open her door
and pooja was like shocked and she reached at her door and she opens the door in wondering and after open the door she was shocked and surprised at same time,
She cursed neel in a crying way that he made her so much worried and she hugged neel tightly, it was the first time when they hugged eachother
, both were smiling in tears both were looking at eachother's face and then pooja asked neel to come inside and she tried to take his luggage but neel said its ok he can take it alone and then they both enter through the door and pooja closes the door with a big smile on her face :)

Tags: Confession

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