Oh yes! He loves me
That I know, if nothing else,
for show it, he does,
with such extravagance
In his place by my side,
from where I never find him gone

And he could be the perfect love,
if I would allow it
For its not my body he seeks
but my soul…
I hear him whisper in my ear
everyday, in moments,
As he holds me close,
“you are mine, and in this lifetime
Your all is my life’s goal”
I know he wants me
To surrender in his warmth

If I were to truly speak my heart,
I would have to say
I do feel him; see him
Everywhere now a days
And they, the wiser, do define
These as symptoms of love, do they not???

But here I am
holding on to life as it is
However bad it is
Though his fiery love offers
Comfort yet not felt
And freedom from this world
Which hates me
Which I hate back more

So that’s the story so far
I am Holding back the urge
to sign myself off
to him in his deal with me
Denying myself to my devil…

Thus unsigned so far are
the devil’s daily dealings with me…
And so… here I am still
I am still here...

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