Off where thins of waters form the fabric of sea,
into the dots of air veiling the sheath of sky!
The absolute vacuum in between misinterpreted to be oxygen,
also lies the untold truth of illumination of streaks of light, dry!

Stumbling upon the gravity, gasping through breaths,
ionized are the radiations of hope, disintegrated!
Isn't just the fable retold in a much detailed fashion in shreds,
much devised to be and put forth to the syndrome of capgras!

More the wavelengths absorb the absoluteness,
so do the frequency of filling in reverberates through infidelity.
Unheard, words being heard only by particles, minuscule,
After all, we base ourselves to sudden change in maturity.

Stopping all this kid's play, trees play around in silence,
perhaps solace was found on the better part of modulations of senses.
Perspicuous memory of the lived and the living,
fathomable secret safely kept in the dwelling of dead.

The chaos, unknowingly infiltrated in the soul,
millions of reflections, banishing each other towards,
the lone seeker, a nomad, adrift sentimental, pulling brawls,
Was it all worth, agglomeration of chaos was all earned.

Praying thus done, dreaming in progress,
living in the dots of sky, dwelling in the blacks of white.
Purging self towards the dead speaking at the closure,
Inundating thus The Deciphering of Silence.

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