With a million fears & unseen tears;
I close my eyes, wish to fall asleep
But then, My demons come to play with me
To challenge me & neutralize me

A thousand memories my heart recalls;
Again my unknown fears, make me a call

Huge giant hands come to grab me
With fear, I take a step back
They push me to the ground
I couldn't fight back, With demons I am bound

With black horns they are crowned
They pierce my chest, I feel I am drowned
Wounding the wounded soul
Stab my heart leaving a permanent hole!

I pray, begging them never come near
Though I yell, its nobody who can hear
Adding, The violent wind blows
Fright knocks & deeper it sows

Before I open my eyes, with moan
I am mercylessly thrown
Far away in an another heap of sand in hot desert
A desert of another pain, I assert.

I struggle to stand up, get up;
Again they haunt me, with fear I curl up
I fight to survive, my soul, my body aches
All in vain, my bones break.

More I try to get up;
More do they pull & stab me down
They seem to diminish me, they line up;
They let down my strength, chills rundown!

Tears flow as I scream with pain
But nothing, all my courage going in vain
They push & lock me into an unknown land
In a dark dense forest, in a haunted land!

They tease me, laugh at me
None come to aid, not even He;
I will never win this war, this battle
Life ends, me being only a BIG null.

It was Neither fruitful or thoughtful
In this life, Neither I gained a medal
Nor I was called a jewel
All I left on this earth was only my useless skull?

Tags: Demons, LIFE, Pain, Tragedy

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