Here is some out of the box post. Out of the box means i haven't posted something like this in a while.

Well yesterday while having the immense mouth watering Golgappas(believe me my mouth is watering right now with the taste!) I wondered something unique. In India we have variety of cuisines and another variety of ways to create them. From authentic Dal Roti to sophisticated continental, Chinese, brownies and a what more lot, there is something special about this Desi Chaat..

No offense to those who like other cuisines, but the spices in these desi Chaat can be compared with none other. Sitting in a restaurant eating with fork, knife, spoon has its own level of sophisticatedness , but waiting for the 'Golgappe/Chaat vale bhaiya' to serve us those has another level of curiosity. The curiosity of standing there and taking extra water at the end to just have a mix of water flown out of the golgappas and that extra water is worth the wait and time.

Okay I know people would say in a restaurant they get quality time to spend with their loved ones in a private place or to be more specific on a date. But just for a thought sitting on a date admiring your partner's beauty is better or seeing his/her smiling dance on having the Chaat would be better. The Classy side what I feel is sometimes a fake out, pretending and all. So for once When you go out with family/on Date, skip the cuisines and go and have Chat/Street Food. After that you can go somewhere to chit-chat but the smile you see on your partner's face would be worth all this. Yeah to be honest I understand both are different but for once get on the childish side and have the Chaat Today.

After all the SWAG sounds better than CLASS. So hold on to that SWAG coz its like 'SWAG SAADA DESI HAI'!!

Chaat doesn't mean Golgappas here specifically, it can be Papdi chat, Dahi Bhalle to a lot more(I cant say more seriously now i am hungry :P)

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