She is a gorgeous little daughter.
Her tiny hands wrapping a finger of her father!
His smile radiant and satisfied.
His troubled heart quickly pacified.

She is the adorable elder sister,
Her childhood joy now a whisper.
Holding her sibling's hand tight ,
Teaching, what is wrong and what is right.

She is a friend, mentor and lover,
Always helping others to recover.
She claps in appreciation,
Raptly listener to every conversation.
An epitome of patience and selflessness,
A giver of happiness!

She is a giver of life,
A understanding and caring wife.
She touches her child's hand in admiration,
In giving love and blessing she has no moderation.

She is a grandmother and eldest.
To the grave she is closest.
To bless her hand raises mighty,
In modesty she folds her hands to the almighty.

Her hands reflecting her journey,
Showing all her sacrifices were worthy.
Yes, oh, yes,
She seeks to be blessed to bless.
This is the diary of a woman,
Well, isn't she just a superhuman?

This poem is written for Poetry Jam
Prompt : hands.

A woman, gives not only her hand but her soul and body.
My hands tried to honor and respect her.
Please feel free to use your lovely hands to honor her by writing your opinions...

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