One day,I was alone and asking lots of questions –“What is the reason of our birth?” “Is every human being on earth is nothing but someone’s sub consciousness?” “Who is God?”
Then, suddenly the waiter says " Your coffee ,sir. "
I was in first year. It was festival time in college and I had just become friend with this girl Riya who was in crush list of all the guys of my batch. She was tall, gorgeous and she had figure which every model desires in her youth. We were in canteen, blabbering about festival and hiked prices of canteen food when she got a call from her friend who told her to come to the dance practice. She had taken part in college dance competition. So she left me in canteen and told me to watch her performance. She also gave me her college bag and told me that she would take it back after the performance. I ate like a ravenous buffalo after she was gone but eventually got bored from eating. Competition had at least 2 hours to start. Suddenly I looked at her bag and I had this unexplainable curiosity of checking a girl’s bag from childhood after all why does people say never check a girl’s bag?

So I started looking out for things in her bag. I found nothing special other than her diary. It didn’t take much time for me to start reading it. In an hour, I had completed half of diary. She had beautifully written everything about her life; first day of college, craze for dance, about her family and most importantly about people of my batch. The Image of Riya, I had in my mind was changing because I never knew how she was as a person. She never looked this much down to earth, decent and conservative to me before. I continued reading it and finally I came on the page in which she had written a paragraph in a heart. I was very excited reading about her love life. In first few lines of paragraph she had described about physique of the guy she liked and what she liked about him. She had written that she wanted to hug him as many times he looked at her. I continued reading it and was trying to find his name in paragraph. Finally she had mentioned his name on the last line - “I love you XYZ”. I skipped a few heartbeats after reading his name because it was me.

My mind was continuously repeating the last line though I continued reading it. The diary intrigued me so much that I forgot about the time. After completing it, I noticed the time and then ran in haste to the venue of competition where anchor was inviting her group to dance. I was very blissful that I didn’t miss it. Dance started and my eyes were noticing her only in whole group. She was looking very pretty in traditional dress. After her performance she called me and told me to bring her bag outside library. I again ran to library and there she was alone waiting for me. I told her that she is looking beautiful and her dance was simply amazing. She thanked me and then there was an awkward silence after it. We were just looking at each other. I thought it’s a moment. One of life’s most unanswerable situation, when you just feel that uncontrollable urge to do something. I thought, it was right time to hug her as she'd always wanted. So I tried to clasp her in my arms but she instead shook my right hand. I was befuddled and a little embarrassed hugging her immediately. I turned back and saw her roommate coming towards us then I realized why she didn’t hug me.

Riya introduced me to her roommate Shweta and gave her the bag.
“So you finally got your bag back” Riya told Shweta and they both smiled. I was dumbfounded hearing it. It was Shweta’s bag not of Riya. I looked at Shweta then at Riya and I smiled. Riya asked me what had happened, why I was smiling. I told her that one day I would surely tell this story to both of you.

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