Over the mountains mighty hold,
Through the dungeons dark, deep and cold.
A traveler, on a crossroad stands,
In search of fairies land,
For a city built on ageless sand,
To the tunes of an eternal band.
But, is this a game being played by destiny’s hand?
Enticing to the thoughts sway,

Influencing the route of the man's way.
"To infinity and beyond" making him say,
To reach his destiny his hair turned grey,
Giving him solace was the love he found,
To which he was mortally bound,
Making him regret all the ones he lost.
feeling death's chill like a cold frost,
He remembers all the heavy cost,
Of a journey that left him a broken mast,
Only to be replace by new wood,
so over his journey he did brood.
Going through life's memories, like a file after file,
Saying "Its the journey that makes the destination worthwhile".

Tags: Destiny, Journey

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